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Train the Trainer Practical Presentations TIPS for evaluation

During our Train the Trainer course you will be asked to join a pre-schedule ZOOM meeting with the Trainer and some other delegates. Minimum of 3 people required for every evaluation. You will get the opportunity to present your presentation through ZOOM to the other delegates, and also get the change to listen to their presentations and evaluate it with some feedback. Here is a handy video on how to download these documents form our dropbox that will be needed for the evaluation. We suggest that you download all these…

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Functions of Trainers

What Do Facilitators Do

What Do Facilitators Do In this short video we look at What Do Facilitators Do. TRAINYOUCAN Video Blog: www.youcantrain.co.za httpv://youtu.be/UDLGjKBHSXg See our video online here: http://youtu.be/UDLGjKBHSXg Role of the facilitator The role of the facilitator is to make learning easier using a variety of activities and techniques. The facilitator provides: • structure • method • focus • energy • creativity The facilitator serves as a guide to the learner and manages the process of learning A facilitator can use a variety of teaching and training methods to develop learners as long…

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