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Learnership Tracking System

Learnership Tracking System In this short video we look at software on how to track learners progress. TRAINYOUCAN Video Blog: www.learnershiptracking.co.za httpv://youtu.be/t2z_fbGa6rM See our video online here: http://youtu.be/t2z_fbGa6rM Manage Learners – Learners Progress – Create Qualifications – Facilitation Uploads – Assessments Results – Moderation’s Results – List of Learners and Assessors – Learners Assessment Results – Bulk Learner SMS – Bulk emails to Learners per course – BEE Reporting – SARS Reporting – SETA Reporting – Auto Backup – Mobile A learning management system or learner tracking system is a powerful resource for employers focused on training and professional development, whether it’s for…

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