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Learnership Tracking System

Learnership Tracking System

In this short video we look at software on how to track learners progress.

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Manage Learners – Learners Progress – Create Qualifications – Facilitation Uploads – Assessments Results – Moderation’s Results – List of Learners and Assessors – Learners Assessment Results – Bulk Learner SMS – Bulk emails to Learners per course – BEE Reporting – SARS Reporting – SETA Reporting – Auto Backup – Mobile

A learning management system or learner tracking system is a powerful resource for employers focused on training and professional development, whether it’s for staffing agencies or extension Training Providers or employers. The impact of an LMS is mostly felt outside of traditional educational institutions, though the same technology is slowly finding its way into even those entities.



Advantages of an LMS

The purpose of a learning management system or learner tracking system is to add another level of efficiency to an organization and the growth of its learners. An LMS effectively creates an online learning environment through which learners can select courses that interest them and management can track potential improvements in the office based on course history. The LMS allows an organization to:

  • Manage learning more effectively. Learning activities are housed in one location and thus reduce costs while also creating greater visibility for learning opportunities.
  • Improve compliance reporting. Learning management systems or learner tracking system can track the courses learners take and the scores they receive, allowing management to better focus training and identify needs for certifications.
  • Combine social and formal learning for an increased overall value. Learning and learning retention is accelerated through the integration of an online method of study and allows learners to go at their own pace.
  • Empower administration. Management will become more informed of the learning learners participate in and what topics need greater focus in creating more well-rounded learners.
  • Improve content delivery. Instructors can more easily prepare and present quality courses that will act as positive learning opportunities for course participants.

Several learning management systems or learner tracking system exist, offering access to their own vast libraries of training or giving organizations a clean slate to fill with their own content. Solutions like PLUMS or Learnership Tracking  prove to be among the most popular learning management systems. They offer a comprehensive interface for managing and setting up curriculum, as well as tracking learner progress and course history. These applications are available as web-based yearly subscription on 

 Use learnerships to up your company’s BEE scorecard

‘The Department of Trade and Industry is planning measures to incentivise manufacturers to enter into black economic empowerment (BEE) deals, acting director-general Garth Strachan told Parliament.’ This is according to an article published by the Business Day earlier this week. The reason? According to Strachan, the sector hasn’t done enough to implement BEE measures in the industry. If your company isn’t part of the manufacturing sector, it doesn’t mean you don’t have to implement plans to up your BEE scorecard. Here’s one easy way to do just that.

Skills development is one of the key features of the BEE Act. But skill development doesn’t only apply to your employees, you can also empower the industry by introducing skills development learnerships at work.

And the best part is, these learnerships will help you with your BEE scorecard.

Use learnerships to help you to achieve BEE status

Skills development contributes 20 points to the scorecard. These points are split between the level of investment in skills development as a percentage of payroll, as well as people employed through learnerships and internships

But before you set up a learnership in your company to enhance your BEE scorecard make sure it complies with these six criteria.

Fulfil these six learnership criteria if you’re looking for a boost in your BEE score

According to the Practical Guide to Human Resources Managementyour company’s learnership programme must:

  1. Consist of a structured learning component;
  2. Include practical work experience;
  3. Be registered through a SETA;
  4. Be governed by a learnership agreement;
  5. Lead to a SAQA NQF registered qualification; and
  6. Relate to an occupation.

If it meets these criteria, you can use your company’s learnership programme to add an additional 20 points to your BEE scorecard as well as ensure you have a handful of well-trained recruits to pick from when hiring.


Learnership Tracking Tool or Learner Management System

    1. Learnership Tracking, for Qualifications and Unit Standards.
    2. Learner Tracking of record keeping and personal information.
    3. Track Learnership Training, Assessment & Moderation Records for Learnerships.
    4. Assist with general SETA reporting on Learnership Progress.
    5. Assist with SARS reporting for TAX rebates through our Learnership Tracking Tool.
    6. Assist with BEE Verification visits with regards to Learnership Tracking Reports.
    7. Easy accessible, general operation including backup process.
    8. Able to customize to specific needs – unlimited Learnerships and Courses.
    9. Instant bulk email to enrolled learners for a specific course – learnerships.
    10. Instant bulk SMS to enrolled learners for a specific course – learnerships.
    11. Bulk SMS rates starting from 35cents per SMS – bulk rates apply.
    12. Learnership Tracking that is a very secure product and mobile.
    13. Learnership Tracking available 24/7, 365 day’s a year.
    14. Very user friendly and easy to implement.
    15. No software required, just internet access to our website.
    16. Support Desk based in South Africa for our online Learnership Tracking Tool.

More detail regarding this project including support and a discussion forum will also be made available on our forum www.learnershipstracking.co.za.

Learnership Tracking is aimed as a simple and user friendly learner tracking system targeted for individual project managers, small and large training centres including NGO’s to track the progress of their learnerships.

Different types of Learning Management Systems:

1. Learning Management System that incorporates elearning delivery. Any standard elearning product will be able to offer this service and manages the learner achievements. We currently do not offer elearning solutions. NO
2.Learning Management System that focuses on the delivery and interaction of a programme. This normally include learner details, class schedules, courses attended, grade books. We currently do not offer this function. NO
3.Learner achievement records for reporting structures. This function is available on any major payroll system that also produces standard equity reports. Purpose of report writing in relation between staff current statistics and achievement records, many times by region, type, sex, race and similar criteria. NO
4. Learnership tracking that manage the progress of a short programme or learnership. Manage current project such as short courses and learnerships that may consist out of a various modules such as unit standards to track the progress of the project and learners for SETA, Equity, SARS and BEE reporting. Also including an effective communication module between the provider and the learner. YESThat’s us!

Learnership Tracking is aimed as a simple and user friendly learner tracking system targeted for individual project managers, small and large training centres including NGO’s to track the progress of their learnerships.

Our Goal for our Learnership Tracking Tool:

  • To keep it simple, but also effective and very user friendly.
  • Easy accessibility, mobile, transfer-ability, remote access and automatic backups.
  • Keep pricing very affordable.
  • Easy report writing and exporting to text, csv and excel for additional processing.

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